Shortridge Commercial Laundry

Job: Shortridge Commercial Laundry

Type: Reengineering Redundant Industrial Building

Location: Dumfries

Summary: The developer being a repeat client.

A commission to research the development opportunity, to prepare the brief, to detail design, to construction and occupation.

This development was part of a development package whereby we worked with the client to unlock a redevelopment of the town centre laundry site as a housing development. Integral to unlocking that development was finding and providing a relocated facility for the laundry.

This very large redundant industrial building was sourced. Thereafter working with the laundry to interpret their operational requirements and the planning of the process, equipment and services into their allotted part of the existing building.

The laundry as with the other proposed part occupiers of the building were carefully arranged to achieve the optimum arrangement for all parties and the most effective use of the building.

The laundry comprised offices, public counter, separate soiled and clean goods, receipt and despatch areas, cleaning / processing areas.

The building was repaired and overclad to suit company identity and branding.