Laurelhill Business Park

Job: Laurelhill Business Park

Type: Numerous New Office Blocks

Location: Laurelhill Business Park, Stirling

Summary: A new developer client.

Our original developer client having withdrawn from the project this new client took over the project.

Our commission to examine potential commercial development on the site, to write a design brief for office premises, to detail design, to construction and occupation.

The site developed in three phases to provide office buildings offering a wide range of potential office types and size options.

This was considered particularly important in reflecting the established patterns of normal office type accommodation generally available in Stirling.

Features: Each office building had the potential to be leased either as an entire building or in suites ranging from part of one floor, or entire floors or parts of ground and upper floors.

The architectural style of the phases becoming more ambitious as this first time developer of commercial buildings became more confident and the success of the preceding phases with quick take up on the leases gave a sound basis upon which to fund the subsequent phases.