Davidson’s Main Church 

Job: Davidson’s Main Church

Type: Alterations & Extension

Location: Davidson’s Mains, Edinburgh

Summary: A new client.

The consultancy service from reviewing the options with the client, to writing the brief, to detail design, to construction and occupation.

The large free standing Church hall included a few adjacent rooms, many of which were only accessible via the hall, making access during activities difficult. There were insufficient rooms to host a range of other activities simultaneously and no suitable and dedicated administration rooms. In addition the Church wanted to create drop-in facilities which encouraged non Church members within the community to have some involvement with the Church simply by using for meeting with friends for a coffee or lunch etc.

The works included a substantial new build open plan area along the frontage to act as casual meeting area / café with adjacent kitchen / catering facility.

The rest of the building was altered to create a range of rooms as storage or activity rooms and administration spaces with much greater direct access to rooms without passing through the main hall.