Cafe Provoncal

Job: Cafe Provoncal

Type: Bistro Bar, Alteration, Refurbishment & Re-Branding

Location: Alva Street, Edinburgh

Summary: A new client by recommendation of the selling agent.

Previously a café but to a very outdated design and insufficient facilities for the new proposed use.

From writing the brief to detail design to construction and completion.

Involvement with the client included establishing an interior design theme and branding, designing the alterations, commissioning bespoke furniture, undertaking the alterations to create:

At ground floor: enlarged public area, large counter and display area
At basement: office, storage / cellarage and toilets.

Features: Given the commercial demands a very fast track project from the client taking possession of the property to opening for business. This involved pre-ordering furniture, china etc. well ahead of client taking possession given the long lead in time to delivery.

All of the works on site done on a separate trades basis. Much of the detail fitout was based upon early freehand indicative sketches which were adjusted and refined on site with each of the trades as the work progressed.