Dental Surgery, LRW

Job: Dental Surgery, LRW

Type: New Development, Dental Surgery

Location: Lanark Road West, Currie

Summary: Previously the developer with other consultants had been refused planning permission for residential development over the entire site. Given the Reporter’s reasons for refusal of the Appeal we proposed a mixed use redevelopment to include this Dental Surgery, a block of Apartments and a Care Home. After our detailed discussions with the Local Authority and the immediate community planning permission was granted without incident.

A new developer / constructor client.

Commissioned from writing the brief to detailed design to obtaining statutory approvals to redevelop the entire former industrial site.

This being a new two storey dental surgery to the latest design standards. Above the surgery to help viability one storey comprising two flats. Under the entire block some car parking and storage facilities.

The entire building accessed both from the adjacent main road and the development site at lower level.