Corgarff Bridges & Military Road

Job: Corgarff Bridges & Military Road

Type: Repair & Restoration

Location: Corgarff, Aberdeenshire

Summary: A new client – Gordon Enterprise Trust.

The bridges and road being 18th Century Scheduled Monuments – built by General Caulfield who continued the work started by General Wade.

Three stone bridges which were now in near states of collapse and therefore very close to being lost forever.

A range of works were undertaken to stabilise and repair the stone structures as monuments. One bridge which had partially collapsed and was twisting towards total collapse was jacked up – which in turn straightened the masonry – whereby the collapsed abutment was re-built and re-established structural stability.

Since the bridges could no longer take vehicular traffic – where possible they would be for foot traffic only – fords would be created in each of the burns adjacent to where the bridges spanned.

The road between the bridges was repaired.

Features: The project was funded by various grants sourced both in the UK and Europe. A bronze plaque was cast and fixed to the bridges to commemorate the work.