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What in the many ages of an individual really determines their qualities and contributions as an architect?  I have no idea!

I do believe, however, that the influences are as many as they are varied.  From the top of a Munro to the depths of a coal mine and from the historic delights of Florence to the street vibrancy of Festival Edinburgh they are all about the emotions of space and where we stand within it.  It’s into those spaces we design and fit buildings.  Yes, those buildings have function and style – that is their most obvious hallmark – beyond that it is how they manipulate the space they now inhabit – to redefine spaces – both within and around the building.  So it is about the building but more importantly it is about people – those who use the building and those who are simply aware of it in passing.

Hopefully it exceeds the expectations of all those who are in direct contact with and own/use the building.  Those expectations coming in many forms – practical, comfortable, efficient, cost effective, environmentally effective, good value and ideally with some touches of joy.

In a career spanning several decades my experience has included housing in its many forms, historic buildings, industrial buildings, police buildings, urban regeneration, medical buildings, hotels and marinas here and in the Middle East.  It has also included creating an innovative component housing system for use in various parts of the world.

That diversity has without doubt heightened a sense of curiosity – driving a need to get behind each client’s expressed reasons for their project – to engage with the client through conversation and an exchange of ideas – to better understand what is important to them and where their priorities and their heart lie.  That deeper understanding means we are better equipped to expand on the client’s brief as well as design and deliver something which meets and hopefully exceeds their original expectations.

I believe such qualities result from all of life’s experiences, being aware of the spaces we create and how people inhabit and react to them.  That is achieved by engaging with and working with our clients.

The Morrison Partnership comprises a team with many and varied experiences, both individually and collectively.  It combines the particular enthusiasm, knowledge and dissent of the young with the particular enthusiasm, knowledge and questioning of the not so young!

Very many people over a very diverse range of project types have kindly sought us out and given us the privilege of working with them in achieving their goals.  Many of those clients have returned to us several times with other projects – while they and others have recommended our services to future clients.

I believe this presentation will give some insight to the diversity of The Morrison Partnership and how that diversity has created a body of work which shows care for many of the things that matter – including touches of joy and even a sense of humour.




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