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Delivering: Design - Development - Construction Blowing Bubbles

Blowing Bubbles, Ravelston

Town House, Dublin Street

Town House, Dublin Street A White House, Corstorphine

A White House,Corstorphine

Greenbank Farm, Falkirk

Greenbank Farm, Falkirk

Tranquil at Drem

Tranquil at Drem

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Domestic Residential

There is a huge diversity in the range of such projects. Some are very large, others very small and others at all points in between.

In many respects this is a project category which presents some of the greatest challenges – in part because the clients live and breath that environment – they have ideas for what they need – they think they know what they want – some have a very limited budget, others not – and on many occasions they have ideas on how all of that may be achieved while others openly admit to having no idea on how all of those goals can be satisfied.

Such projects are therefore highly personal because as architects we are entering the clients home and the outcome of our work directly impacts on their personal space and life 24/7…

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The Pump House, Shropshire

The Pump House