Job: Skyview

Type: Phased Work (1 and 2)

Location: Craigcrook Avenue, Edinburgh

Summary: A new client via recommendation by an earlier client.

Commissioned from writing the brief, to design, to completion and occupation for both projects.

A semi detached bungalow with existing attic conversion.

Phase 1:
To create a family / garden room to the rear of the house, plus alterations to the existing attic conversion.

Phase 2 (in progress):
To extend the kitchen to create a much improved kitchen area and layout combined with a family dining area. Ideally this to have a visual link and access to the garden.

Phase 1:
In addition to bespoke glazed screens giving views and direct access to the garden considerable light was also provided by a continuous rooflight along the rear of the extension. In addition, the principle elements of steel roof structure were exposed and designed to reflect the free flow potential of steelwork. This particularly appealed to the client’s mechanical interests.

Phase 2:
The use of natural light again being maximised by the use of rooflights over the dining area plus a large velux (with electronic controls) over the kitchen area.

Underfloor heating off the existing gas boiler system to be provided in the new extension and kitchen area.